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ETFE plastic film bag

ETFE plastic film bag

ETFE plastic film bag

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Fireproof: V0 Grade Chemical Property: Anticorrosive
Self-clean Property: Saving Man's Work To Clean It

ETFE film plastic bag 


ETFE is a tough material, a variety of mechanical properties to achieve a good balance - anti-tearing strong, high tensile strength, medium hardness, excellent impact resistance, long telescopic life. ETFE is a good dielectric material, dielectric strength is high, the dielectric constant of 2.6, high resistivity, low dissipation factor, only 0.003. Its low dielectric constant, in the frequency and temperature changes in the case of basically constant. ETFE has a wide operating temperature range, a constant temperature range of -65 ° C to + 150 ° C, an ultra-low temperature toughness, and a brittle temperature of -100 ° C. In addition, ETFE also passed a number of stringent fire tests, such as IEEE 383, and UL 94 V-0 rating. For most of the chemical properties of the physical properties of small, ordinary gas and water vapor permeability is low.


Introduction of ETFE Membrane Material
Tetrafluoroethylene - Part 1: Chemical designation
Chemical name: ethylene - tetrafluoroethylene copolymer
Chemical English name: Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene
Technical Specification Code: 77
CAS No.:116-14-3
Molecular formula: C2F4
Molecular weight: 100.02
The critical pressure: 3.85Mpa, the critical density: 572kg / m3, the vapor pressure at 25 ℃: 3.19Mpa, the vapor density: 572kg / m3, the spontaneous combustion point: -142.5 ℃, boiling point: -78.4 ℃, critical temperature: : 190 & lt; 0 & gt; C, pyrolysis above 200 & lt; 0 & gt; C. HF decomposition and other toxic gases.


ETFE Chinese name for the ethylene - tetrafluoroethylene copolymer.


ETFE film thickness is usually less than 0.20mm, is a transparent membrane.
Ethylene-tetrafluoroethylene copolymer film as a crystalline polymer having a melting point of from 256 to 280C. Olefin can be self-extinguishing. Its high shear strength, low temperature impact resistance is the best of the existing fluorine plastic, from room temperature to-80 ℃ can have a higher impact strength, chemical stability, electrical insulation and radiation resistance . The actual use of ETFE film began in the 1990s, mainly as agricultural greenhouse cover materials, various special-shaped buildings canopy material, such as stadium grandstand, building cone top, casino, revolving restaurant canopy, entertainment hall Covered, parking, exhibition halls and museums. One of Britain's new millennium projects, "Eden" has "the eighth wonders of the world" reputation. It consists of four dome-shaped building connected the world's largest greenhouse, covered with ETFE film material made of transparent cover, its quality is only the same area of 1% of the quality of glass, transparent flake can be recycled, and has good insulation .

ETFE film is a superior quality alternative to transparent building construction, which has been proven to be a reliable and economical roofing material for many years in many projects. The film is made of artificial high-strength fluoropolymer (ETFE), its unique anti-adhesive surface so that it has a high resistance to dirt, easy to clean features. Usually rain can remove the main dirt.
ETFE membrane life of at least 25-35 years, is used for permanent multi-storey mobile roof structure ideal material. The membrane material used for a span of 4 meters for two or three inflatable support structure, but also according to the special engineering geometry and climatic conditions, increasing the membrane span. Membrane length to easy to install as a standard, generally 15-30 meters. Small-span monolayer structures are also available in smaller sizes.

ETFE film to B1, DIN4102 fire rating standards, combustion will not drip. And the film quality is very light, only 0.15-0.35 kg per square meter. This feature makes it even in the smoke, fire caused by the film melting also has considerable advantages.
Depending on the location and surface printing, the ETFE film has a light transmittance of up to 95%. The material does not block the transmission of ultraviolet light and other light to ensure that the building interior natural light. By surface printing, the translucency of the material can be further reduced to 50%. According to geometric conditions and the number of layers of the film, the K value can be as high as 2.0W / m2K. The energy dissipation index can be as high as 0.77 with a three-layer printed film.


Because of its excellent quality, ETFE film almost no daily maintenance. A simple inspection of the roof due to mechanical damage (once a year) is recommended and can be repaired as needed. Also check the ventilation system, replace the filter device.
ETFE membranes are fully recyclable materials that can be reused to produce new membrane materials or to separate other impurities to produce other ETFE products.
National Olympic Natatorium Water Cube is made of ETFE film.
ETFE (F-40) fluorine plastic from the United States DuPont and Japan's Asahi Glass Company, mainly used in anti-corrosion lining. The material has polytetrafluoroethylene corrosion resistance

Features: light resistance, weather resistance, insulation resistance, flame resistance

Application: solar cell

Required characteristics: light resistance, weather resistance, insulation, etc.

Use of raw materials: ETFE (ethylene tetrafluoroethylene copolymer)


ETFE film, is now increasingly being applied to the solar industry, it is very suitable for the surface of the solar cell material.

ETFE film, has excellent mechanical strength and flame resistance, exposure of 3000 hours and still no change in mechanical properties. In the visible region, excellent light transmittance can absorb more light, in addition, the adhesion between it and the EVA is also very advantageous.


Our ETFE film is made by the complete set of imported equipment . It has the properties of anticorrosive ,weather fastness ,aging resistant ,Good radiation stability,nonstick, chemical stability ,dielectric insulation ,nontoxic and low crock etc.

It is widely used in the fields of Semiconductor ,LED ,FPC,flexible solar cell ,medical packing,construction ,Agriculture etc.

Surface treating ,matting treating,width cutting etc can be done based on buyer’s requirements.


Grade Thickness (um) Width (mm) Weight kg/roll Length (m) Length tolerance (mm) Color Surface condition
25C 25 1250 54.7 1000 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
50C 50 1250 54.7 500 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
75C 75 1250 19.2 300 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
100C 100 1250 54.7 250 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
150C 150 1250 260+/-13 200 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
200C 200 1250 350+/-17 150 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt
250C 250 1250 437+/-22 100 +5,-0 transparent Glossy/Matt



ETFE film Technical Data Sheet

Item Unit Data
Specific Gravity g/cm3 1.74
Melting point oC 260+/-10
Tensile strength Mpa >39.2
Tensile Elongation % 200-510
Tear Strength N/mm 170-250
Volume Specific Resistance Q.cm 1x1015
Linear Dimensional change % +/-5%

General Properties of ETFE film

1.Can be used at hight temperature over 200oC

2.Can stop mold bleed

3.Excellent ensile and tear strength

4.Oustanding non-stick

5.Non-toxicity for envirenment

6.Non flammability

7.Chemical resistance .

8.Weather resistance

9.Solvent resistance

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FEP film, High temperature clear membrane


Chemical resistance


Chemicals Chemical resistance



nitric acid 25%

chlorosulfuric acid


carbon dioxide  
sodium hydroxide 10%
Dihydroxyethyl Tallow Amine Oxide 15%

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