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Lab things

China PTFE bottles, PTFE beakers, PTFE factory

PTFE bottles, PTFE beakers, PTFE

PTFE bottle, PTFE beaker, PTFE spoon, PTFE Magnetic stir bar PTFE TECHNICAL DATA SHEET UL File Number: E338209 Property Method Units Specifications Density ISO 13000-1 g/cm3 2.1-2.3 Tensile strength ISO 13000-1 ... Read More
2020-11-03 19:07:28
China PFA test tube factory

PFA test tube

PFA test tube, PFA Lab testing tube Characteristics: drug resistance. Heat resistance. Excellent cold resistance, for the sample is difficult to adhere to the translucent fluorine resin tube. Can be frozen in ... Read More
2020-11-03 18:32:09
China FEP  bottles,fep beakers factory

FEP bottles,fep beakers

FEP beaker, FEP bottle, PTFE bottle, Charateristic: Transparent Formed by PTFE and Hexafluoropropylene but keeps F4's all capabilities; Bear high temperature:-200oC--+205oC; bear low temperature:-196oC and can ... Read More
2020-11-03 18:26:49
China PFA bottles factory

PFA bottles

PFA bottle PFA can resistance from -200°c to 260°c. It is strong with acid, alkali and organic solvent. There is less impurities in the resin itself, so it has extremely low metal elution. It is very useful in ... Read More
2020-11-03 18:22:40


FEP GAS SAMPLING BAG FEP(Fluorinated ethylene propylene) film is the most chemically resistant film in the fluoropolymer family. Polyfluoro film has superb chemical inertness, ultra low adsorption and ultra low ... Read More
2020-11-03 18:02:56
China FLUODE Gas Sampling Bag factory

FLUODE Gas Sampling Bag

FLUODE Gas Sampling Bag FLUODE film has the same characteristics as PVDF (Polyvinylidene fluoride). It is an alternative of PVDF film with low cost. Fluode film has the same same characteristics as PVDF ... Read More
2020-11-03 17:49:00
China Kynar PVDF Gas Sampling Bag factory

Kynar PVDF Gas Sampling Bag

Our PVDF gas sampling bags are made of 3 mil KYNAR® film. KYNAR® film is strong, durable, and has excellent chemical inertness. It can be used a wide range of gas sampling applications. Our PVDF gas sampling ... Read More
2020-11-03 17:43:57
China DEVEX Gas Sampling Bag factory

DEVEX Gas Sampling Bag

1. DEVEX Gas Sampling Bag DEVEX film is developed specifically for making high quality gas sampling bags. It is composed of total 11 layer films (PET, PA, Aluminum, PE, etc) with thickness 120-140um.It has ... Read More
2020-11-03 17:43:42
China TEDLAR PVFR Gas Sampling Bag factory

TEDLAR PVFR Gas Sampling Bag

TEDLAR Gas Sampling Bag Tedlar® PVF film is tougher and more economical than FEP, and is commonly used in vehicle emission testing. Our PVF gas sampling bags are made of 2mil DuPont's Tedlar® film. Tedlar® film ... Read More
2020-11-03 17:43:25
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