FEP small capillary tube

FEP small capillary tube

    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
    • FEP small capillary tube
  • FEP small capillary tube

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: PROCHEMA
    Certification: MSDS

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    Minimum Order Quantity: 100m
    Price: negotiate
    Packaging Details: plastic bag and carton
    Delivery Time: 3-10 days
    Payment Terms: T/T Prepaid
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    Detailed Product Description

    FEP small capillary tube

    Application: heat exchanger, valve core, chemical raw materials, pharmaceutical intermediates, corrosive substances transport, high and low temperature liquid, gas transport, all kinds of electronic and communication components insulation, thermal protection machinery, automobile, electronics, chemical, aerospace, medical, communication, transformer and so on.Heat exchanger, steam piping.

    ◆ High purity reagent conveying pipe.
    ◆ Various corrosive medium (harsh solvent) transport pipeline.
    Various frequency wire and cable sheath, groove insulation tube.


    The machine joints for drug - resistant and non - adhesive liquid transfer shall not be covered

    ● Sensor protection
    ● Metal ball non - adhesive
    ● Protective coating for drugs at high temperature
    ● The outer covering of optical fiber sheath


    High and low temperature preservation
    -85∼200oC high temperature No-begriming ,and no-stagnant in tube
    Security and insulation
    Under 60HZ60MHZ high and low temperature , permittivity is 2.1.
    If firing, and will still insulate .
    Volume resistance1018Ωm
    Surface resistance2 X 1013Ω
    Voltaic Arc165 seconds insulation
    Erode preservation
    Under high temperature,fluorin and alkali will reaction with PFA, no reaction with other organic acid.
    Low water absorption 0.01%
    Non firing
    Non firing in air(oxygen index 95vol.%)
    No poison
    With physical inertia
    High diaphaneity
    Lowest refractive index in plastic material
    Under ozone and sunshine for long time
    Easy to process for second time
    Self-close,,self-joining ,and self-turning
    Application :


    Mainly used for insulation and sheath, electrical components, wires, cables under various frequencies;

    liquid crystal manufacturing apparatus, the single end emitting single core fiber tube, heat exchanger,

    steam piping, high purity reagents conveying pipe, all kinds of corrosive medium conveying pipe

    Office-work machine 's roller packing
    paper machine's roller packing
    printing and dyeing machine's roller packing
    printing machine roller packing
    insulated jacket
    the main insulation of rotor of the electric instrument
    water treatment
    make the magma sample in the field of oil field ect.
    UV lamp protecting
    heat exchanger, steam piping
    conveyer pipe with high purity reagent
    conveyer pipe with various corrosive media
    lepeth-sheath wire and cable with various frequency,
    trough insulated pipe
    trough insulated pipe used for submersible motor
    pipe for air conditioner wiring accessories
    pipe for O-style airproof loop with whole fluorin plasticUV lamp protective cover
    Out Diameter: ≤300mm Wall thickness: ≥0.1mm Length: Continues

    FEP small capillary tube


    Mainly used for insulation and sheath, electrical components, wires, cables under various frequencies; 

    liquid crystal manufacturing apparatus, the single end emitting single core fiber tube, heat exchanger, 

    steam piping, high purity reagents conveying pipe, all kinds of corrosive medium  conveying pipe


    Technical index of FEP:

      Item Value
        General purpose Electric purpose
      Density g/cm3 2.12-2.17 2.12-2.17
      Temperature range°C -200 -+200 -200 -+200
      Longi&tray,shrink rate % 3.0 3.0
      Tensile strength Mpa ≥ 14 14
      Elongation at break % 175 175
      Tear Strength (N/m) ≥ 4.9x104 4.9x104
      Dielectric Constanct (106Hz)   2.15
      Dissipation Factor 106Hz   1x10-3
      Volume resistance (Ω.m)   1x1014



    Dielectric StrengthTH0.05mm

    Th 0.05-0.1mm

    M/VTH ≥0.1mm





    Dia ø1.5 --300mm, Thickness: 0.015mm to 0.75mm. Length :50mm to unlimited.

    For UV lamp T4 T5 T8 T10 T12 , Thickness 0.2 to 0.5mm .

    Color and sizes can be customiszed .Surface treated can be done (chemical or plasma treated)

    Package :

    Plastic bag &carton . Customized is acceptable


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    Contact Person: Mr. Michael zhang

    Tel: 86-816-6395460

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