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Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film

Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film

    • Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film
    • Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film
    • Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film
    • Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film
    • Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film
    • Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film
  • Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: HD
    Model Number: Tedlar PVF

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    Detailed Product Description

    Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film  


    A PVF film , also known as polyvinyl fluoride film (polyvinyl fluoride), referred to PVF. And a thermoplastic resin . Odorless, non-toxic white powder. Density 1.38. 240 °C above decomposition . Has a crystal structure, high transparency ( via UV ) , high electrical insulation properties, high toughness , good chemical resistance , anti-aging and resistance to corrosion. And the ability -73 ~ +121 °C. Molecular fluorine and fluorocarbon copolymer extruded . Or copolymers of fluorine-containing fluorocarbon , greater than any polymer chemical bonding and structural stability. PVF film on the sunshine, chemical solvents, acid corrosion , moisture and oxidation

    resistance and durability is improved significantly .

    A film made of , can be used as agricultural film, protective film material , packing grease and corrosive substances, can be used as electrical insulation materials.


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    Polyvinyl Fluoride PVF film


    Production and processing , PVF film laterally and longitudinally extending , to form molecular lattices , greatly improving its physical properties.

    PVF film wear resistance , anti- moisture penetration capability and scalability which can be increased to double.

    PVF film does not contain plasticizers, color lasting stability, anti- bleaching agent, to prevent chalking and fungal growth . Repulsion of its large surface to prevent dust defiled , easy cleaning and maintenance .

    Moreover , not only is the strongest detergent PVF film is not damaged .

    From minus 70 degrees to 110 degrees , PVF film can guarantee excellent performance, the highest peak instantaneous temperature to 200 degrees

    and will not damage them . Also , PVF film without plasticizer , so it has excellent anti-aging properties and in a very wide temperature range to maintain the toughness and bending. For testing institutions for PVF films for 20 years

    outdoor weathering tests.

    B . PVF films in the construction industry main purposes:

    1.PVF film and sheet metal complex : for example industrial plants facades, roofs or commercial building facades protection board , or for highway noise barriers .

    2.PVF composite film and PVC film : for the stadium space membrane structures

    3.PVF material film is a good weather , a PVF film wrapped sealing glass fiber or rock wool insulation can significantly extend the life of the bag .

    4.PVF film has good UV resistance , can be widely used in outdoor advertising , posters protective film.


    C. PVF and PVDF thin film performance comparison:

    PVDF film , the scientific name polyvinylidene fluoride ( commonly known as " fluorocarbon coating " or " coating king ") PVF film , PVDF coatings belong to a family .

    PVF plate , the PVF film was affixed to a special process from the surface of the metal plate cover ; PVDF plate , the PVDF paint coating ( roll coating or spray coating )

    from the surface of the metal plate

    1.PVF film and PVDF film common characteristics :

    Both of which are copolymers of fluorine-or fluorocarbon , more than any other polymers which have greater structural stability and chemical binding force , so that: it is not the cause of pollution in the

    atmosphere react with strong corrosion resistance even the solvents it will not cause damage , thus protecting the surface of the metal plate is not easy to rust,

    decorative surface will not fade or brittle ;

    It is not affected by the intensification of ultraviolet light to produce changes in organizational structure , the sun does not accelerate its "aging" ;

    It will not work due to changes in ambient temperature to form a repeated cycle of structural changes , the working environment temperature change is allowed 180 °C, (-70 ~ +110 °C) can adapt to almost all regions of the Earth 's outdoor environment :

    PVDF films and coatings

    2.PVF different points:

    Although both the same chemical composition , but the coating formation process and the resulting differences in the way they use the difference in performance :

    3 compactness decorative protective layer

    PVF PVF film is composed of a copolymer extrusion, this process ensures the formation of a dense layer of PVF decorative flawless , never without PVDF paint spray

    or roller frequently occur during the pinholes, hairline cracks and other defects. So : PVF film is better than isolation decorative layer PVDF coatings. PVF film faced plywood

    can be used in corrosive environments worse places ( for example , the beach area ) in Japan and other countries are more regulations in these areas to use metal

    siding PVF film covers ! Have conducted test: the PVDF coated steel sheets and Tedlar PVF film while placed above hydrochloride , aerosol exposure HCL ,

    30 minutes later , HCL gas erosion of the steel surface coated with PVDF and PVF did not protect steel unchanged.

    4.PVF molecular lattice film manufacturing process along the vertical and horizontal arrangement of the pressing direction of its greatly enhanced physical strength ,

    so that a PVF film having greater toughness , 180 ° bending test with a 43 times loupe enlarged PVF film does not crack, the crack can be seen clearly PVDF coating ,

    the reason is that a PVF film elongation of 100 %, while the PVDF coating did not! This slight difference was significant, because the future will come soon from corrosion

    crack here ! PVF film with greater wear ability , according to the requirements of ASTM D968 falling sand abrasion tests showed that the PVF film is equivalent to 37.5 μ

    100 μ PVDF coating wear ability , so the atmosphere, the erosion of sand in front , PVF board the life will be longer ! Excellent physical properties of a PVF film determines

    its excellent processing performance , it can withstand shearing, punching , rolling , drilling, nailing , rolled edges, and folding without cracking , and other operations , or

    other conditions that affect the damage life .

    5 PVF film extrusion surface smooth and delicate, no roller or spray surface stripes, orange peel , microfold like defects. So I compared PVDF coated plate ,

    PVF film paste overlying finer steel decorative surface appearance ;

    Dense PVF film is not easy to stain steel surface under normal circumstances, virtually maintenance-free ;

    Smooth the PVF film of fine clean without any support microbial or fungal growth environment , does not allow complete penetration of bacteria ;

    If you do clean , generally flush that is able to meet the requirements ;

    If the spill or by human contact with pen oil , paint or grease and other contamination , can be any " cleaner " or even "strong solvent" such as acetone and

    other cleaning , without fear of damage to the PVF film surface , therefore , PVF film covering the wall or wallboard most suitable for schools , hospitals, or wells ,

    in these places , PVF film is easy to clean features make it particularly suitable to be sterilized environment.

    As a result, more and more architects think : PVF system is outside when there is a more serious environmental pollution hope building long-life, do not fade when you consider the material of choice.


    PVF films structure is stable, which wouldnt change with the change of the working environment temperature, so that it can adapt to almost all regions of the

    outdoor environment on the earth . It can be used for the protective film of material such as solar backsheet,Space membrane ,atmospheric sampling bags,

    aircraft interiors,noise barriers,agricultural film ,electrical insulating material and so on .


    Our PVDF can meet the requirements of different materials for its excellent performance .


    Main Features :

    Excellent aging resistance and thermal stability

    Excellent chemical solvent resistance

    Excellent gas and liquid resistance

    Maintain toughness in the wild temperature range

    Flame retardant and low smoke characteristics

    High dielectric strength

    High wear resistance

    Excellent self-cleaning performance


    PVF Technical parameters .

    Thickness UM GB/T 6672 30±3
    Tensile strength MPa ASTM D882 >50
    Elongation at break % ASTM D882 >60
    Heat shrinkage rate (150°C 30min) % ASTM D150 2-5
    Water Vapor transmission rate (38°C90RH) G/m2 24h GB/T 1037 <20
    Dielectric strength V/mil ASTM D150 >3000
    Aging (72h) Dyn/cm2 Dyne Pen >45

    Max Width :1500mm


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