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Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products

Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products

    • Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products
    • Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products
    • Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products
  • Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: prodhcmea
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    Detailed Product Description
    Plastic Modling Type: Mould

    Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products

    Properties of the modified /filled PTFE composites 

    (If not durable PTFE general these materials can be used instead try)

    PTFE has excellent heat resistance, chemical resistance, non-adhesive and weather resistance, but due to the linear expansion coefficient of PTFE, poor dimensional stability, low hardness, abrasion resistance is poor, in large Under load showed a greater "cold", limited its application, in order to overcome these disadvantages, and according to different requirements, can be modified by adding appropriate amount of filler. (Filler, glass fiber, para-poly, molybdenum disulfide, polyester, graphite, carbon, carbon fiber, bronze powder, silica fume, etc.) in order to maintain its low friction at the same time, access to excellent wear resistance, high temperature of 350 degrees, high strength, high stiffness and dimensional stability.



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    Modified PTFE products, PTFE filling products


    Main performance improved


    Increase the compression strength, stiffness, abrasion resistance, reduced cold flow, resistance to organic solvents


    To improve the tensile strength, hardness, wear resistance, high temperature, thermal conductivity

    Carbon fiber 

    Improve creep resistance to compression bending resistance, cold, high temperature, improve thermal conductivity


    Improve lubricity, reduce the friction coefficient and improve the thermal conductivity


    To improve the tensile strength, hardness, wear resistance, thermal conductivity, reducing cold flow


    Improve creep resistance, dimensional stability, high temperature

    Stainless steel

    Increasing the heat transfer coefficient, reduced cold resistance, chemical corrosion

    Glass beads  

    Improve the compression performance under low stress and flexibility


    Improve resistance to compress creep, increased porosity and flexibility


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