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    Bipolar membrane

    Bipolar membrane is a kind of ion exchange membrane with special functions. Hydrolysis happens and produces H+ and OH– in the middle region of the membrane under the influence of external electric field. Bipolar membrane electrodialysis technology makes this particular function in composite to ordinary electrodialysis to realize the production and regeneration of acid/alkali. The application of bipolar membrane electrodialysis technology can not only achieve the conversion of organic acid salt or organic alkali salt, but also produce NaOH or HCl, which can be used in the production process. The bipolar membrane electrodialysis will play an increasingly important role in clean production and resource recycling.

    It can be used in clean production, caustic soda, salt, wastewater treatment, in the chemical production, biotechnology, food industry, environmental protection and other fields have a wide range of applications, the conventional homogeneous homogeneous anionic and cationic membranes have zero pollution, zero emissions, low energy consumption, long service life and stable performance, etc


    Bipolar membrane, also known as bipolar membrane, is a special ion exchange membrane, it is made of a positive film and a negative film composite Yin, Yang
    Composite membrane. The feature of the film is that under the action of direct current electric field, the H2O between the composite layer of Yin and Yang film dissociates into H+ and OH- union
    Through the negative membrane and the positive membrane, respectively, as H+ and OH- ion source. Bipolar membrane can be divided into homogeneous bipolar membrane according to macroscopic membrane structure
    And heterogeneous bipolar films.
    Characteristics of 2.
    Strong acid and alkali resistance, strong flexibility, high mechanical strength, tear resistance, low voltage across the membrane splitting water, low energy consumption, long life


    Working Principle:

    The bipolar membrane is a kind of electrically driven membrane. Its main function is to provide H+ ions and OH- ions under the electric field force. The membrane has one side of the cathode and the other side of the membrane. The middle layer of the cathode and the cathode is an aqueous layer. Under the action of external DC electric force, the H2O in the water layer is split into H+ ions and OH- ions, and migrates through the positive and negative sides of the subject solution respectively. Therefore, the role of the bipolar membrane is to provide H+ under the action of the electric field force. Ion and OH-ion sources, as shown:
    Bipolar membrane
    The combination of bipolar membrane and cation exchange membrane


    The preparation of inorganic acid, inorganic alkali and recycling, waste acid and alkali waste recycling and disposal of wastewater from alkaline straw pulp papermaking black liquor, salt (NaCl and Na2SO4, NH4Cl) waste treatment and recycling, organic acid, vitamin C, amino acid, tartaric acid and glucose acid, etc.) preparation and recycling, acid gases (SO2, H2S, etc.) disposal and recycling.

    Organic salts produce organic acid base / inorganic salts to produce inorganic acids and bases

    Ferrate preparation

    Chemical synthesis in organic phase

    Treatment of uranium processing wastewater

    Regeneration of sodium sulfate in the production of rayon

    Gas absorption

    Extraction and transformation of organic acids in fermentation broth

    Precipitation separation of soybean protein isolate

    Production of caseinate

    Juice stabilization


    ·Treatment and recycling of salty wastewater
    · Direct production of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide from salt (sodium chloride)
    · Direct production of vitamin C from vitamin C sodium salt
    · Direct production of tartaric acid from sodium tartrate
    · Direct production of lactic acid from sodium lactate
    · Direct production of gluconic acid from sodium gluconate
    · Direct production of methanesulfonic acid from sodium methanesulfonate
    · Direct separation of amino acids from fermentation broth
    ·Return from sodium acetate wastewater

    Packing Size

    400*800mm per sheet
    550*1100mm per sheet


    Bipolar film main technical indicators

    Bipolar membrane
    The thickness of the wet(mm) 0.18~0.23
    water content(%) 20~30


    Water dissociation voltage


    (25℃,0.5M Na2SO4)=

    Water dissociation efficient





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    Bipolar membrane

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