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low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube

low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube

    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
    • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube
  • low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube

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    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: PROCHEMA
    Certification: MSDS

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    Detailed Product Description

    low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube

    PCTFE material = POLYfluoroethylene chloride referred to as PCTFE, by the polymerization of polyfluoroethylene chloride from the polymer compounds. Low molecular weight is liquid or waxy. The higher molecular weight is a white solid or dispersion. Solid density 2.1~2.2. The melting point of 208 ~ 210 ℃. Resistant to heat, acid, alkali and organic solvents (except halides), but not to molten caustic soda and elemental fluorine. Soluble in aromatic hydrocarbon and carbon tetrachloride. Chemical resistance is second only to ptfe. Can be used as engineering plastics. Tensile strength 3.096~4.135 mpa (316~422 kg force/cm 2). Generally used in chemical equipment with high performance requirements, insulated cables, radio, capacitance products and heat or low temperature resistant accessories. Dispersants are used to make anticorrosive coatings and films.


    The synthesis methods of POLYtrifluoroethylene include bulk polymerization, solution polymerization and dispersion polymerization, etc., which are prepared by radical polymerization with peroxide as initiator.


    Polytrifluoroethylene has excellent chemical stability, insulation and weather resistance, and can be used at -196 ~ 125℃ for a long time. Its mechanical strength and hardness are better than that of polytetrafluoroethylene. The film has better transparency and lower permeability.


    Polytrifluoroethylene is suitable for use in contact with strong corrosive media, high pressure system sealing and liner materials, transparent observation window materials, as well as electrical insulation materials, etc., so in the chemical industry, atomic energy industry has special significance, but its price is more expensive than ptFE. Low molecular weight POLYtrifluoroethylene has high density, excellent viscosity-temperature characteristics and chemical corrosion resistance. It can be used as sealing liquid, lubricating grease and balance liquid of navigation gyro, etc.


    With excellent rigidity, low temperature resistance and cold flow resistance, PCTFE is an ideal sealing material under low temperature and high pressure conditions, and has special applications in the high-tech field.



    1. Contact with highly corrosive media, sealing and liner materials of high pressure system, transparent materials of observation window, etc


    2. Electrical insulation materials, etc.


    3. Low molecular weight PCTFE plate (polytrifluoroethylene material plate) is used as the sealing liquid of highly corrosive medium, lubricating grease and the balance liquid of navigation gyro, etc.


    4. It can be widely used as corroding structural material, anti-corrosion lining of equipment, transparent viewing mirror, vacuum sealing material, electronic and electrical components, motor instrument parts, electrical insulation material, etc.

    Applicable industry: PCTFE is widely used in low temperature and high pressure sealing parts (liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen, etc.), semiconductor, chemical, pharmaceutical, aerospace and other related sealing fields.

    Polytrifluorochloroethylene (PCTFE) Material Application Industry (examples of some industries)


    ● Electrical communication industry


    PCTFE products are used for high frequency coaxial connectors, adapters, attenuators, etc.


    PCTFE film is an ideal insulating material for capacitor parts, radio insulating liners, insulated cables, motors and transformers.


    ● Electronic and electrical industry


    Air conditioners, refrigerators and other household appliances such as various gaskets, sealing seat, etc.


    Wire and cable, instrument insulation bushing, capacitor, LCD thermal shock film, radio insulation, motor insulation, transformer insulation, etc.


    ● Machinery manufacturing industry


    Fluorine plastic has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, low friction coefficient and non-viscosity, wide temperature resistance range, good elasticity characteristics make it very suitable for manufacturing corrosion resistance requirements, use temperature higher than 100℃ of all kinds of mechanical equipment parts, sealing products.


    ● Chemical and pharmaceutical industry


    Fluoroplastics, with its excellent corrosion resistance, have become the main corrosion resistant materials in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile and other industries.


    ● Decoration construction industry


    External wall decoration and application, bridge, ship support sliders.


    ● Other application industries


    Other kinds of insulation parts, seals, self-lubricating parts, transparent parts, anti-corrosion containers, etc.


    PCTFE tube size


    Product thickness (mm) width (mm) length(mm)
    moulded sheet 1-40 100-300 100-300


    Product Dia (mm) Length (mm)
    moulded rod ф5-ф25 200
    ф30-ф150 50-150

    Extrucsion Rod: Dia10-150mm x L 2000mm



    Technical data:

    Properties units Indicators
    Density g/cm3 2.1-2.2
    Tensile strength MPa ≥35
    Elongation at break % 20-100
    volume resistivity Ω·cm ≥1×1010
    Hardness Shores hardness D90
    breakdown voltage Kv/mm ≥15
    Temperature range °C -200°C~+120°C

    1.Dimensionally stable, rigid, and resistant to cold flow

    2. Very low gas permeation and outgassing

    3.Near zero moisture absorption

    4. Excellent chemical resistance

    5.Useful temperature range: 400°F to 380°F

    6. Radiation resistance

    low temperature resistanace anticorrosive pctfe tube

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