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PEEK in&out side screw

PEEK in&out side screw

PEEK  in&out side screw

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Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: PROCHEMA
Certification: MSDS

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Minimum Order Quantity: 100pcs
Price: negotiate
Packaging Details: plastic bag and carton
Delivery Time: 3-10 days
Payment Terms: T/T Prepaid, Western Union, MoneyGram
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Detailed Product Description

PEEK  screw 

PEEK is a high-temperature , high-performance specialty engineering thermoplastics . It has good mechanical properties and resistance to chemicals,abrasion -resistant properties , hydrolysis , etc. ;

its light weight,selflubricatingproperties , due to the very good processing properties, can be filled with

carbon fiber,such as molybdenum disulfide to further improve the lubricity and mechanical strength. PEEK

plastic broad application space comes to high-tech industries in aviation, machinery, electronics, chemical, automotive , etc.,may be required for the manufacture of high mechanical parts such as gears, bearings ,piston  rings, support rings,seals ( letter ), valves, wear rings. High performance PEEK material is mainly manifested  in the following aspects :


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PEEK  in&out side screw

1 . Temperature

PEEK has a high glass transition temperature and melting point (334 °C), which is one of the reasons that it requires heat resistance can reliably use the application .

Its load thermal deformation temperature up to 316 °C, continuous use temperature of 260°C.


2 Mechanical properties

PEEK is both toughness and rigidity and balance of plastics. Particularly its excellent resistance to alternating stress fatigue is the most outstanding of all plastics ,

can be comparable with the alloy material.


3 self-lubricating

PEEK has outstanding sliding properties in all plastic , suitable for demanding low coefficient of friction and abrasion purposes. Especially carbon fiber, graphite

certain percentage of each hybrid modified PEEK better self-lubricating properties .


4 chemical resistance ( corrosion )

PEEK has excellent chemical resistance, in the usual chemicals that can dissolve or destroy it only concentrated sulfuric acid , and its resistance to corrosion and nickel steel similar.


5 flame retardant

PEEK polymer is very stable , 1.45mm thick sample , without any flame retardant can achieve the highest standards .


6 peel resistance

PEEK excellent peeling resistance , it can be made of wire or coated with a thin wire , and can be used in harsh conditions .


7 fatigue resistance

PEEK has the best resistance to fatigue in all resin.


8 radiation resistance

The ability of strong resistance to γ radiation over the best general-purpose polystyrene resins radiation resistance . You can still maintain γ radiation dose made up

1100Mrad good insulating ability when high performance wire .


9 hydrolysis resistance

PEEK and its composites from chemical effects of water and high-pressure steam , products made of this material at high temperature and pressure water can still

maintain excellent properties of continuous use



Density 1320kgs/m3
Yong's modulus (E) 3.6Gpa

Tensile strength(σt)


Elongation @ break


Notch test


Glass temperature

143 °C

Melting point

343 °C

Thermal Conductivity

0.25 W/m.K

Water absorption, 24 hours (ASTM D 570)





1 . Gears


2. Wear strips

3. Bushes

4. Metering pumps

5. Light mountings

6. Friction bearings

7. Ball valve seals

8. Pump housings

9. Wafer supports

10. Plug parts



We offer the most complete line of valve seats for various valves across many industries in PTFE,RPTFE,TFM,PCTFE,PEEK,NYLON,etc.

PEEK has a good comprehensive property in resistance of high temperature,chemical and wear. PEEK valve seats has a long term working temperature around 260and melts around 343℃. It is very suitable for that kind of bad working conditions of high temperature and high pressure. Due to this advantage,PEEK valve seats are be widely used in floating or fixed ball valve.

According to the actual working conditions,PEEK valve seat materials include:

  • Virgin PEEK,
  • Glass fiber filled PEEK
  • Carbon filled PEEK


Standard and custom sizes are all welcomed.

Property list:

Item Color Density Hardness Compressive strength Long term Tep.
Units   g/cm3 Shore D Mpa
Value Sallow 1.29 85 118 260
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Other PEEK products Specification :


PEEK film:0.4-0.5mm x 600mm PEEK sheet: thickness 1-100mm x Width 1000mm


PEEK  in&out side screwPEEK  in&out side screwPEEK  in&out side screwPEEK  in&out side screwPEEK  in&out side screwPEEK  in&out side screwPEEK  in&out side screw


PEEK rod: Dia 8-200mm PEEK tube: Dia1.6-320MM

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